Residency MFA St. Joost Den Bosch by Bucharest AiR...


Residency MFA St. Joost Den Bosch

by Bucharest AiR

Period: 8 April – 18 April 2014 @ Make a Point

Participants: Danni van Amstel (NL), Guglia Cenci (IT), Katharina Heil (DE), Katrijn Breukers (NL), Maarten Spons (NL), Maud Oonk (NL), Tyas Leeuwerink (NL), Alexandros Kaklamos (GR), Dimitris Rentoumis (GR), Paulina Mellado Neely (CL), Lorelinde Verhees (NL).

Tutors: Erik Hagoort (NL) & Bas van den Hurk (NL)

About MFA AKV/St. Joost: The two-year master programme Fine Arts at AKV | St.Joost supports artists in their ambition to deepen and strengthen their practice. The programme provides students with an enhanced foundation for a lifelong career as an artist.The current art practice is diverse, requiring a variety of non-predetermined methods. The master programme is focused on researching the students’ own position, stressing its distinctive features, and researching the most suitable methodology. The training provides room for experimentation within their own work, but also teaches them to relate to a variety of positions, art forms, contexts and presentation forms belonging to issues a contemporary artist faces. Students share an open studio with their fellow students in which they can work together, discuss and exchange experiences with each other and fellow professional artists.

The master programme has a strong international orientation: students come from the Netherlands and abroad, and the programme has established collaborations with other master programs and art institutions abroad. The students are all professionals who want to expand their vision and artistic possibilities.

Information on MFA AKV | St. Joost:

About Bucharest Air: established in 2010, functions as a non-profit organization, ran and managed by artists Tudor Bratu, Alice Gancevici, Remus Puscariu, and Ioana Gheorghiu. Bucharest Air aims at generating and maintaining a high level platform for cultural exchange in Bucharest.

The Residency offers residents the chance to live and work for a period of up to three months in the city of Bucharest, as well as the chance to research, develop, or produce new works and projects, conceptually and practically aided by the Bucharest Air team.

Bucharest Air keeps an open door to all artists, writers, critics and filmmakers who manifest a genuine interest in being in residency in Bucharest.

Alumni include Zachary Formwalt (USA), Nicoline van Harskamp (NL), Bojan Faijfric (SR), Lotte Geeven (NL) and Bertien van Manen (NL) amongst others. For further information please visit: Tudor Bratu: Remus Puscariu & Alice Gancevici:




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