Vertical excitement: come and have a look at the city from high up!

You can visit the Art Tower by making an appointment.

Only 170 stairs up and you can see the Bucharest neighbourhood the way it really is.

One of Make a Point’s pivotal projects was restoring the most visible peripheral point, the water tower, making it the Art Tower of Pantelimon by involving the locals. Through an architectural insertion, the water tower within the space of Postavaria Romana, was thus reconverted from an industrial relic into a cultural and touristic landmark. The Tower is a constant host for art exhibitions and installations which benefit from a vertical exposure due to the many points of view made possible by the circular stairs. The Art Tower’s design was chosen by public vote, with ballots as well as online. The project was awarded the third prize for Art and Culture within the Civil Society Gala and was nominated for one of Europe’s most prestigious architecture prizes, the 2015 Mies van der Rohe European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, despite the fact that it had one of the lowest budgets ever registered by any nominee to the award (under 100,000 euros).

Cultural Space

The headquarters of  Make a Point is in Pantelimon, Bucharest. In the cultural void of the Romanian capital, in 2009 we decided to restore a factory hall and reconvert it into a cultural space. At the ground floor of the old textile factory, „Postavaria Romana” (1925-2008), where, under low light, the weavers would correct any problems found in the finished material. Make a Point is a permanent exhibition space, ideal for a wide variety of cultural events, a screening room and a library open to the public.

In the reconverted space Make a Point puts forward an ”American kitchen” type of concept: a fully functional platform, open to artists wanting to bring their ideas and creativity to life. Hundreds of exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, theatre plays and conferences, film and video shootings have already taken place at Make a Point. The space has a total surface 130 sq. m (426 sq. ft) and is 4 m (13 ft) high. If you want to work with us or you have a personal project for the Make a Point space please contact us.

The library

The library is a welcoming environment in which you’re invited to browse through our collection of art albums and cinema books. But we find ourselves in a factory, thus the Make a Point library speaks about the everyday life of communist factories. From Marx and Engels to the “Flacara” (old communist magazine) collection, you can read what your parents and grandparents were reading. The copies are original, collected from factories and still bearing the stamps and the signatures of workers throughout the decades.

It is not a collection born out of nostalgia, but out of a desire to document a very local slice of the world, a world in which every factory had an exclusive library designed for the thousands of workers.

The furniture

A big part of our furniture represents a project in itself: industrial objects redesigned by artist Maria Marin. A welding machine for example, after decades of continuous use in the autumn of its years, was not particularly beutiful by itself, nor was it of any use anymore after the closing of the factory. Therefore when we gave it a new face, we also extracted 600 kg out of its insides, made out of cast iron. Presently, it loyally serves as the table for the association’s projector.

Be brave when you sit comfortably on our couches made out of industrial scales: they are functional and despite their age, they will try hard to indicate your weight with the greatest accuracy possible.

The elevator

The law forbids reusing an elevator which hasn’t functioned for more than 10 years, hence we disassembled an elevator’s engine that was transporting bales of wool to the halls. We chose this most spectacular piece to serve as the library’s coffee table.