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Make a Point begins the KineDok projection series Thursday, September...

Make a Point begins the KineDok projection series

Thursday, September 8, Make a Point begins KineDok’s 2nd edition, with the documentary America. For 15 weeks, on Thursday at 20:00, we meet a new European documentary about people next to us and their problems.

In September Make a Point invites you to the following movies:

8 September, 20:00 America / America (Jan Foukal, Czech Republic, 2015, 70 ‘)

Bára is the daughter of Czech immigrants living in Canada. She returned to the Czech Republic to know her parents’ country of origin. Honza is a singer and guitarist in Prague who dreams of going to New York and walking in the footsteps of Bob Dylan. On their journey through dense forests, the sunny and clear moon fields, the two of them crawl through the Czechoslovak vagabond community.

15 September, 20:00 My home / Jáma (R: Jiří Stejskal, Czech Republic, 2014, 84 ‘)

My home is a story about an unusual family in Kiev that fights against real estate injustice. Natasha, the head of the family, is trying to save the family farm, which is now surrounded by modern neighborhoods. Moreover, they have to take care of the four children, the two spouses and the little flock of unruly goats. The struggle against the corrupt Ukrainian system is the heroic effort of Natasha, who must remain the mother of his four children. One day their home is burned. Is it worth staying there and continuing the fight?

22 September, 20:00 I love this super, much, the best / Lijepo mi je s tobom, znaš (R: Eva Kraljević, Croatia, 2015, 43 ‘)

Eva and Mia are sisters. Mia is cheerful, open, suffers from Down syndrome, she does not care about fashion and loves people. For ten years, Eve shot Mia and herself to understand the relationship that binds them. Her efforts portrayed a portrait of the two, a portrait full of joy and fear, the result of a strong desire to overcome the boundary conception that sets the limits of a love between sisters.

29 September, 20:00 Miss Rome at School / Razred (R: Vesna Cudic, Croatia, 2015, 82 ‘)

Every summer, a handful of courageous rrome girls are enrolled in a beauty contest to get the title of Miss Rome. But if their dream is not to receive a claim in marriage but to go to high school and get a diploma? During the four years of filming, the three girls are pursued in their quest to meet the challenges of high school life. They have to juggle with themes, Facebook, end-of-year exams and love life. As the rest of their Roma colleagues have children, and there is nobody else to give them another example, will they follow their dream all the way?

All projections will be followed by discussions and debates on film themes with directors, specialists and other special guests.

KineDok is an alternative documentary creative distribution program launched in 2015 by One World Romania Association. The program was initiated by the Czech Documentary Film Institute together with partners from four other Central and Eastern European countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Romania).

Program partners believe that in our countries there are people who have stories and they have to say. And documentary film is a good way to give them a voice. At us, there are people who want to consume something other than mainstream and there are very good documentaries – but there are no halls and no respite for these people and these films to meet. That’s why KineDok powered by One World Romania brings movies – accompanied by directors, protagonists or experts to talk to – at the pub, the factory, the café or the museum next to you.

Make a Point tries to air the center and facilitate cultural events on the outskirts, in neighborhoods and blocks, in abandoned buildings, in factories and factories or other cemeteries of this sort.

By organizing exhibitions, shows, film screenings and workshops, Make a Point remains a space dedicated to exhibiting works and messages by contemporary creators.



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