The Giants of Pantelimon have chosen their Artists
The Giants of Pantelimon have chosen their Artists Who are the five artists that will draw the neighborhood’s stories for Giants of Pantelimon Street Art Days, three days of community art, street art, graffiti, music, dance, movies, workshops, live painting sessions and many more? What happens between 13th and 15th of October at Make a Point and which big names of the international street art are coming to Bucharest for this event? Following the Call for Artists in July, 41 Romanian and international artists joined Giants of Pantelimon, a project by Make a Point, for bringing the stories of the [...]
IMPRO Comes to Us in the Neighbourhood
IMPRO Comes to Us in the Neighbourhood !MPRO brings to Pantelimon a show created by actors on the spot, starting from the public's suggestions and input. Awaiting Street Art Days in Pantelimon (13-15 of October), inspired by the stories of the inhabitants, the !MPRO actors will let themselves be activated by your own neighborrhod stories, by the places dear to you and your memories. Are you with us? SUNDAY 17th of September at 19:00 sharp the !MPROactors will perform at Make a Point. The 5h edition of the National Festival of Imporvisation has as a topic The Story. !MPROis organised [...]
How Biancoshock Showed Us that WE CAN
How Biancoshock Showed Us that WE CAN Yes, we can of Pantelimon, 24. August 2017 Biancoshock helped us to discover that "Nu Pot" ("I Can't") is just in our head – a kind of reminiscent self-flagellation from the times when the one party told us what we were allowed and what we were not allowed to do. It was an evening surrounded with friends and neighbours, animated by the playful idea of Fra, an Italian native of Milano who for more than 10 years creates public art by the name of Biancoshock. The name itself does not mean anything, but [...]
Mysterious Biancoshock in Bucharest
Mysterious Biancoshock in Bucharest The famous italian with unseen face and his interactive performance at Make a Point's Art Tower Giants of Patelimon – the Make a Point project in which stories of the inhabitants of Pantelimon, Bucharest inhabitants will be illustrated by artists from all over the world and painted on roofs of industrial buildings – will at the end of August welcome it's first important guest. Biancoshock, the famous while in the same time secretive Italian artist (he is never showing his face), is known for his installations, both ephemeral and combining in them a social and political [...]
Giants of Pantelimon – CALL FOR ARTISTS
Giants of Pantelimon - CALL FOR ARTISTS "I’m Mrs. Mariana, a former textile worker at the Cotton Mill, looking for an urban artist to paint my life on the roof of the factory. I ask for seriousness and imagination, and I offer a reward and posterity appreciation." After more than a month of traveling around Pantelimon, talking to its inhabitants and reading the stories received, we take Giants of Pantelimon a step further! Choose one of the 27 stories about Pantelimon and enroll in an art competition at height. Fill in the application form, send the detailed proposal for your [...]
Yoga at Make a Point, every Wednesday evening at 19:30
Yoga at Make a Point, every Wednesday evening at 19:30   *** The Art Tower can be visited before the yoga class, between 18:30-19:30.   During the yoga class we will: - turn inward and center in a seated meditative position - become aware of our breath and cultivate presence through breathing - warm up the body through gentle movements, stretch and release tensions from the spine and hips - practice a series of physical postures (called "asanas" in yoga), with variations and recommendations to suit our strength and flexibility level - deeply relax and restore body and mind with [...]
Documentation KineDok @ Make a Point
Make a Point begins the KineDok projection series Thursday, September 8, Make a Point begins KineDok's 2nd edition, with the documentary America. For 15 weeks, on Thursday at 20:00, we meet a new European documentary about people next to us and their problems. In September Make a Point invites you to the following movies: 8 September, 20:00 America / America (Jan Foukal, Czech Republic, 2015, 70 ') Bára is the daughter of Czech immigrants living in Canada. She returned to the Czech Republic to know her parents' country of origin. Honza is a singer and guitarist in Prague who dreams [...]
The White Night of the Romanian Film
The White Night of the Romanian Film @ Make a Point Because culture is better digested at night, we invite you on Friday, 16th of September, starting at 19.00, at the Night of Romanian Film. From the center of Bucharest to Pantelimon: 1 night, 10 locations, 40 movies. On September 16th. Bucharest sees Romanian films. In one night, in 10 venues - cinema halls, parks or unconventional venues, viewers will be able to watch no fewer than 40 fiction films and long and short documentaries in special screenings or previews. The White Night of the Romanian Film will take place [...]
Short Shorts Asia Japan / Kinofest
Short Shorts Asia Japan / Kinofest @ Make a Point KINOFEST 2016, Anniversary Edition IMAGINE YOUR CAREFUL! At the tenth edition of the Kinofest International Film Festival, we are expecting you to make a point with a short Japanese short program at Short Shorts Asia Japan. Program: SOCIOPATHS, A.T (5'26 ") A girl meets an android on the street, and decides to follow him to give him a message. MAN IN PHONE, Mackenzie Sheppard (7'33 ") A man is trapped inside his own phone. THAT'S NO MEANING, Hiroto Hara (16 ') Nana is looking for something to cheer her father, [...]
Inhabitants / Photography exhibition
Inhabitants / Photography exhibition This is a call for renewed awareness and for an exploration of spaces and objects freed of any hierarchies. Caught between art and life, between private and social experience, this project enters that curios space in which objects take on parts as characters, unveil themselves and unveil us as part of a continuous and surprising metamorphosis. We are already familiar with exposing ourselves to spaces emptied of contents, to crude realism, most times absurd, or to the marginal and marginalized. These are to be served abundantly and always combined with irony and sarcasm. The constant mocking takes [...]