Giants of Pantelimon – CALL FOR ARTISTS
Giants of Pantelimon - CALL FOR ARTISTS "I’m Mrs. Mariana, a former textile worker at the Cotton Mill, looking for an urban artist to paint my life on the roof of the factory. I ask for seriousness and imagination, and I offer a reward and posterity appreciation." After more than a month of traveling around Pantelimon, talking to its inhabitants and reading the stories received, we take Giants of Pantelimon a step further! Choose one of the 27 stories about Pantelimon and enroll in an art competition at height. Fill in the application form, send the detailed proposal for your [...]
Documentation KineDok @ Make a Point
Make a Point begins the KineDok projection series Thursday, September 8, Make a Point begins KineDok's 2nd edition, with the documentary America. For 15 weeks, on Thursday at 20:00, we meet a new European documentary about people next to us and their problems. In September Make a Point invites you to the following movies: 8 September, 20:00 America / America (Jan Foukal, Czech Republic, 2015, 70 ') Bára is the daughter of Czech immigrants living in Canada. She returned to the Czech Republic to know her parents' country of origin. Honza is a singer and guitarist in Prague who dreams [...]
The White Night of the Romanian Film
The White Night of the Romanian Film @ Make a Point Because culture is better digested at night, we invite you on Friday, 16th of September, starting at 19.00, at the Night of Romanian Film. From the center of Bucharest to Pantelimon: 1 night, 10 locations, 40 movies. On September 16th. Bucharest sees Romanian films. In one night, in 10 venues - cinema halls, parks or unconventional venues, viewers will be able to watch no fewer than 40 fiction films and long and short documentaries in special screenings or previews. The White Night of the Romanian Film will take place [...]
Short Shorts Asia Japan / Kinofest
Short Shorts Asia Japan / Kinofest @ Make a Point KINOFEST 2016, Anniversary Edition IMAGINE YOUR CAREFUL! At the tenth edition of the Kinofest International Film Festival, we are expecting you to make a point with a short Japanese short program at Short Shorts Asia Japan. Program: SOCIOPATHS, A.T (5'26 ") A girl meets an android on the street, and decides to follow him to give him a message. MAN IN PHONE, Mackenzie Sheppard (7'33 ") A man is trapped inside his own phone. THAT'S NO MEANING, Hiroto Hara (16 ') Nana is looking for something to cheer her father, [...]
Inhabitants / Photography exhibition
Inhabitants / Photography exhibition This is a call for renewed awareness and for an exploration of spaces and objects freed of any hierarchies. Caught between art and life, between private and social experience, this project enters that curios space in which objects take on parts as characters, unveil themselves and unveil us as part of a continuous and surprising metamorphosis. We are already familiar with exposing ourselves to spaces emptied of contents, to crude realism, most times absurd, or to the marginal and marginalized. These are to be served abundantly and always combined with irony and sarcasm. The constant mocking takes [...]
Story hunt in Pantelimon
Story hunt in Pantelimon Make a Point comes up with a new project that aims to enliven Bucharest’s periphery. This time we plan to unearth the stories and histories of the neighborhood that has been our host for nearly 7 years – Pantelimon. Characters, stories, urban myths, secrets. Join us in this adventure! We combine story hunting with exploration tours of the Pantelimon neighborhood. We are collecting stories about buildings and personal histories of people who lived or still live in them. One of the most interesting stories will permeate through the neighborhood’s rooftops: it will be transformed into a [...]
[column-group-page] [column] Residency MFA St. Joost Den Bosch by Bucharest AiR Period: 8 April – 18 April 2014 @ Make a Point   Participants: Danni van Amstel (NL), Guglia Cenci (IT), Katharina Heil (DE), Katrijn Breukers (NL), Maarten Spons (NL), Maud Oonk (NL), Tyas Leeuwerink (NL), Alexandros Kaklamos (GR), Dimitris Rentoumis (GR), Paulina Mellado Neely (CL), Lorelinde Verhees (NL).   Tutors: Erik Hagoort (NL) & Bas van den Hurk (NL)   About MFA AKV/St. Joost: The two-year master programme Fine Arts at AKV | St.Joost supports artists in their ambition to deepen and strengthen their practice. The programme provides students [...]
The Art Tower
[column-group-page] [column] The Art Tower   The Water Tower of Pantelimon becomes The Art Tower Aug - Dec 2012 Sos. Morarilor nr. 1   Monday, the 20th of August 2012, Make a Point launched the Art Tower project.   The water tower of the industrial site „Postavaria Romana”, situated on the same premises as Make a Point, will be transformed from an old relic (but one that is perpetually visible to the inhabitants of Pantelimon), into a landmark of the neighborhood.   In the upcoming months, a spiraled staircase will be built around the tower, which will confer to its [...]
Water Tower Art Gallery
[column-group-page] [column] Water Tower Art Gallery   By their nature, water towers are obsolete , belonging to other times , fast-paced industrialization . Today is abandoned animals sometimes useful as shelter in bad weather , or hiding lovers, and bunkers in Albania. Become awkward business plans we are today and detonated , sometimes very awkward and dangerous ( as happened to Geromed Medias ) , but always spectacular.   There are a few towers Romania centenary with impressive architecture essential for memory and identity checks when recall times when water supplied more than half the inhabitants of a town , [...]
Never Gonna Be The Same Again
[column-group-page] [column] Never Gonna Be The Same Again     Siria, o noua față, o nouă artă Vernisaj 27 Iunie 2013 orele 19.00-02.00 Expoziţia rămâne deschisă până pe 11 Iulie şi poate fi vizitată prin rezervare la point[at] Șos. Morarilor nr.1, în incinta Postăvăriei Române, sector 2 “Eu sunt artist, iar viziunea mea despre un razboi într-atât de urât ca ăsta (din Siria) este prezentă în lucrările mele. Iar asta este forma mea de luptă, și e o luptă importantă, este mărturia care îi rămane viitorului despre prostia și murdăria acestui razboi”. (Samir Sroi) Analizând imagini menite să stimuleze un [...]