About us

Founded in 2009 by the documentary maker Mădălina Roșca, film critic Viorica Bucur and visual artist Alma Cazacu, the socio-cultural organisation Makea a Point is active in projects of regeneration and re-conversion of industrial spaces, cultural intervention, but also in creating artistic projects there, where cultural is restricted or limited (especially by the lack of public infrastructure).

In the meantime, the issues for which Make a Point was founded shifted, making room for novel ones. Most of the big factories, inherited from a time of rapid industrialisation, were demolished making room for malls, literally speaking. The lack of alternative for spending free time in the neighbourhood found an answer in the mushrooming gambling parlors, 87 percent of them being slot machines, a fourfold increase in 8 years.

On Bucharest’s map of alternative cultural venues, Make a Point is a point of reference. It organizes exhibitions, shows, film screenings, seminaries, and remains a space dedicated to bringing to light the works of socially-and politically-involved contemporary creators.

Our team