Yoga at Make a Point, every Wednesday evening at 19:30
Yoga at Make a Point, every Wednesday evening at 19:30...

Yoga at Make a Point, every Wednesday evening at 19:30


*** The Art Tower can be visited before the yoga class, between 18:30-19:30.


During the yoga class we will:
– turn inward and center in a seated meditative position
– become aware of our breath and cultivate presence through breathing
– warm up the body through gentle movements, stretch and release tensions from the spine and hips
– practice a series of physical postures (called “asanas” in yoga), with variations and recommendations to suit our strength and flexibility level
– deeply relax and restore body and mind with Yoga Nidra (conscious yogic sleep), at the end of the class.


The aim of the practice is to gain balance and invigorate the body, reduce stress and anxiety, cure physical ailments, breathe better, increase vital energy, find peace of mind and mental clarity, get to know ourselves and let the joy in.


The class is suitable for all levels, including total beginners. We recommend that you wear loose/comfortable clothes and practice barefoot, however feel free to bring a jacket and socks for the final relaxation.

We provide yoga mats and blankets. In case you like to use your own mat, you can bring it with you.


Please contact Dana Ludu to confirm your participation (+40723.305.504 / or message on Facebook).


Facilitator: Dana Ludu, yoga instructor and craniosacral therapist

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