Water Tower Art Gallery
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Water Tower Art Gallery


By their nature, water towers are obsolete , belonging to other times , fast-paced industrialization . Today is abandoned animals sometimes useful as shelter in bad weather , or hiding lovers, and bunkers in Albania. Become awkward business plans we are today and detonated , sometimes very awkward and dangerous ( as happened to Geromed Medias ) , but always spectacular.


There are a few towers Romania centenary with impressive architecture essential for memory and identity checks when recall times when water supplied more than half the inhabitants of a town , half of grandparents residents now if you think way. Such as the Water Tower from the Public Garden in Braila (1910) , whose appearance detached avant la lettre from Space Odyssey (1968 , directed by Stanley Kubrick ) .


Water Tower rehabilitated Cultural Association Make a Point , not a part of the above. It is a tower of some plant and looks like many others of his generation ( the 60s ) . But his destiny was not tragic, it is one of the very few water towers still functional , so you part of the urban landscape for a long time to come.


New Year’s Eve , 2012-13 , Water Tower opened inhabitants of the new form , the Tower of Art, with his new visual identity ( ” green curtain ” designed by Romanian artist Daniel Georges Lebanese and voted as favorite by Bucharest in October ) .


Party for the inauguration of the tower has gathered around him a few hundred people who ate , drank , danced and counted the seconds until the unveiling of the painting on the tower. All New Year’s Eve opened Tower Art Gallery with the exhibition of half of the 40 works that have competed to be painted on the tower, set high on the cylinder, generous space . Only the first of a series of exhibitions and events suitable for vertical space , which will bring the tower closer to neighborhood residents .


In the first half of 2013 will be ready helical staircase that allows access to the top of the tower and it will reward the finalist ascent of 162 steps with a view over the city .


Need the stairs around the tower , complete with a viewing platform has become clear only when we got to the Tower of Panteleimon ( for the only time and hard inside vertical scale ) . Overview of the city seen from Panteleimon , is illustrative to understand the city in Eastern Europe, and neighborhood bedroom. It may be essential to internalize a city like Bucharest , which is revealed heavy as to be understood and loved to be conquered by the edges , not just the center . Curatorial approach around the ladder proposes just such a route discovery fully .


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