VI IT. In tube & The Wind, bEATING, AGGREATION
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VI IT. In tube


Make a Point hosted, Friday, the 24th of April 2015, for the White Night of the Galleries, the opening of VI IT In tube exhibition, signed by Justin Baroncea & POINT 4 – Florian Bour, Stefan Pavaluta, Radu Enescu.

Make a Point presents lamp design and lightning systems exhibition. The basis of these systems is the lightbulb – lens relationship, which helps produce unique light prints. “The lamps” can function individually or they can become bonded with the space in a suspended symbiotic relationship with the ceiling. It is a DIY system with a strong Sci-Fi impression. (JB)





Also on Friday night, almost until the sunrise, three recent video works of Carmen Rasovszky: The Wind, bEATING, AGGREATION, were shown.




I have always been preoccupied by the fascination of the human face, the physical features which define a character, how the 2 components mix and fulfill each other when they utter a story with an inherent ornamental beauty feel to it, in which tolerance and dark humor become my subtle and personal protest. (CR)



Exhibition organizers: Alma Cazacu, Valentina Iancu




Hours: 19.00 – 04.00


Address: Sos. Morarilor nr. 1, sector 2, București.


The exhibition can be visited by appointment until the 14th of May.


About the White Night of the Galleries (program, map etc.)





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Foto Radu Malasincu


Foto Radu Malasincu


Foto Radu Malasincu

















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