Story hunt in Pantelimon
Story hunt in Pantelimon Make a Point comes up with...

Story hunt in Pantelimon

Make a Point comes up with a new project that aims to enliven Bucharest’s periphery. This time we plan to unearth the stories and histories of the neighborhood that has been our host for nearly 7 years – Pantelimon. Characters, stories, urban myths, secrets.

Join us in this adventure! We combine story hunting with exploration tours of the Pantelimon neighborhood. We are collecting stories about buildings and personal histories of people who lived or still live in them.

One of the most interesting stories will permeate through the neighborhood’s rooftops: it will be transformed into a mural visible from the Art Tower in Pantelimon.

If you have been hunting stories in Pantelimon, send them to Make a Point. Send them in any form you like: written, audio or video, photos or drawings


or directly at Morarilor 1, Bucharest.

Let the hunting begin!



The project is developed by Make a Point and funded by Arcub.


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