City and Propaganda
City and Propaganda, Sahia Vintage Film Projection in Pantelimon Neighborhood...

City and Propaganda, Sahia Vintage Film Projection in Pantelimon Neighborhood

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How did Bucharest look in the documentary films between 1950 and 1980? And how do these films look through the eyes of Bucharesteans today?

We invite the Pantelimon residents of all ages to a film tour in the history of the Capital and its inhabitants, through a projection of documentary films produced by the “Alexandru Sahia” studio during the communist era. The projection will be followed by a discussion with experts and special guests.

The films we bring forward will help us better organize our memories of the old Bucharest and perhaps have a better understanding of the Bucharest of today.

The list of Sahia films included in the “City and Propaganda” program:

“Festivalul filmului pentru sate”, fără autor, 1960, 10 min.
“Casa noastră ca o floare”, Alexandru Boiangiu, 1963, 19 min.
“Săptămâna în imagini”, 22/1972, 10 min
“Pentru strănepoți, încă ceva despre București”, Paula și Doru Segall, 1980, 14 min.
“Iarna unor pierde vară”, Ion Moscu, 1974, 9 min.
“Aflați despre mine…”, Adrian Sârbu, 1982, 16 min.
“Cei mici despre lumea mare”, Gabriel Barta, 1960, 14 min.
“Adolescența”, Florica și Paul Holban, 1970, 10 min.
“După zece ani”, Eugenia Gutu, 1971, 12 min.
“Calea Văcărești”, Virgil Calotescu/ Radu Ursachi/ Nicolae Anderco, 1975, 18 min.
“Ochii orașului meu”, Virgil Calotescu, 1963, 16 min.
“București, inima țării”, Aurel Cerbu, 1978, 10 min.
“Cinema Melodia”, Ion Visu, 1978, 3 min.
“Cinema Floreasca”, Ion Visu, 1978, 3 min.
“Cinema Luceafărul”, Ion Visu, 1978, 4 min.

11th of November at Make a Point
FREE ENTRANCE (within the limits of available seats)
The projection starts at 19:00.
Contact person: Alina Popescu | 0764.207.875

This projection is part of the project for the restoration and promoting of the Romanian documentary film patrimony “Sahia Vintage IV”. The project is funded under the Cultural Program “Bucharest Participatory City” by the Bucharest City Hall, through the ARCUB Cultural Center of Bucharest.

Cultural project co-funded by the Administration of National Cultural Fund and the Romanian Filmmakers Union.

With the support of the National Center for Cinematography and the National Film Archive.

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund of Romania. AFCN is not responsible for the project content or the way in which the project results may be used. These fall entirely under the responsibility of the grant beneficiary.

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