Make a Joi.
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Make a Joi.



Make a Point recommences Make a Joi series of events.


This time the concept evolved:



We find correspondence between films and various topics, with the right guest. Specifically, we start with the screening and after we talk to a guest, a professional, who will dissect the subject of the discussion initiated by the film.

We’re not trying to bring the public’s attention to box-office movies, but independent films, quirky, artsy, be they animations, documentaries or any other genre, but food for thought. Make a Joi’s concept is geared towards personal development and to creating new relationships between participants.



For this week’s schedule, visit our Facebook page:

Where: Șos. Morarilor, nr. 1, sector 2, inside Postavaria Romana

When: Each Thursday. We’ll start at 20:00h



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