Make a Joi. Dorian Boguță
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Make a Joi. Dorian Boguta

Thursday, March 24th, we invite you to join us for an evening of short movies directed by Dorian Boguță.

Kazimir (Romania, 2014, 15”)

In a secluded village from the Danube Delta, a deacon called Kazimir uses his mysterious powers to heal the villagers of their afflictions. But the forces of good and evil balance each other, and the nights are not peaceful for Kazimir, the few inhabitants of Sfantu Gheorghe and some naïve visitors.  They couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Vera (Romania, 2015, 27”)

When a 20 year old boy, Mihnea, gets rejected by his girlfriend he tries to overcome his frustrations by seeking solace in a prostitute he hires, but his luck seems to run out even with her. However, he accidentally stumbles on a girl in the most uncommon place. Things seem to look up for Mihnea for once, but fate seems to have a mind of its own and the events that follow take an unexpected turn.

From now on (Romania, 2012, 36”)

Stefan turns 18 years old and his father decides it’s the day he should become a ‘man’, with everything that this implies. Only that things are not exactly as he believes and the lesson he receives from his son is a dramatic one.

Finale (Romania, 2015, 15”)

Winter. A deserted beach. A violet sky. A hollow sound in the air. A van. A 40 year old man dressed in a suit laid on the sand looks towards nowhere. His eyes are tired and lacking any expression. Night, the same beach, the same sky, the same sound. The man sits in his van trying to write something. O pack of wild wolves surrounds the van trying to get in.



Actor Dorian Boguta, best known for “The Death of Mr. Lazarescu” (2005) and “Francesca” (2009) graduated from Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film University in Georgia in 1992 and started his acting career at the National Theatre in Chisinau, where he played numerous noticeable lead roles. In 1999 he moved to Bucharest and started acting in films, gaining recognition with the TV series “Lombarzilor 8” (2006) and later with “Francesca” (2009), which was highly appreciated worldwide and garnered a lot of attention at many prestigious film festivals.

In 2009 he made his debut in directing, with the short-film “10”, marking the beginning of a series of highly successful short-films, including “From now on” (2012), which gained several awards, as well as The best Romanian short-film. Another important moment in his career was directing the short-film “Kazimir”, which became one of the first Romanian horror films.

He is currently working on a project for 2016, which will mark his first time as a director in a feature film “The Trace”.

The entrance fee is 10 lei, sum that will help sustain the association’s further projects.




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