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Introduction to drawing and painting

Starting from the 17th of February, Make a Point will be hosting two applied arts courses developed by the visual artist Giles Eldridge. The courses are addressed to English speaking art lovers that want to sharpen their eyes and hands and explore their inner creativity with the help of some tips and tricks which are fundamental for beginners.

The two short courses will introduce you to the basic aspects of Painting and Drawing and will be built on the following structure.

Drawing (5 meetings – 2 hours each)

Every Wednesday from 18:30 to 20:30

17 feb – Introduction to pencil and charcoal materials. Exercises using line and tone

24 feb – Observational drawing, understanding proportion and relationships between objects

2 mar – Drawing organic and natural forms. Describing texture

9 mar – Perspective – simple approach to understanding single and dual point perspective

16 mar – Learning through copying, as the Italians did. Drawing from a range of artists’ drawings

Painting (3 meetings – 3 hours each)

Every Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00

20 feb – Easy approaches to understand opacity, translucency and colour

27 feb – Exercises in tone. Understanding how tone produces volume

5 mar – Painting from observation to put paint handling, colour and tone into practice


Giles Eldridge is a visual artist and teacher from London, currently based in Bucharest. He is involved in making paintings, drawings, photographs and collage. He is also participating in various projects and collaborations with Romanian artists.

‘We will cover paint handling and colour, using acrylic paint, which being water based makes for a very approachable material to explore colour, consistency and the other formal qualities of paint. In Drawing we will use graphite (pencil) and charcoal to explore the relationship between line and form to transcribe what we see and think into a graphic space. Together, these two courses demonstrate the interdependent relationship between drawing and painting.

My approach to teaching is designed to be simple and easy to follow, with plenty of time for questions and practise.’ (Giles Eldridge)

You can apply by sending an email at till the 16th of February. The price of each course is of 240 lei.

Bring only your creativity and enthusiasm, we provide all the other needed materials.



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