Inhabitants / Photography exhibition
Inhabitants / Photography exhibition This is a call for renewed awareness...

Inhabitants / Photography exhibition

This is a call for renewed awareness and for an exploration of spaces and objects freed of any hierarchies.

Caught between art and life, between private and social experience, this project enters that curios space in which objects take on parts as characters, unveil themselves and unveil us as part of a continuous and surprising metamorphosis.

We are already familiar with exposing ourselves to spaces emptied of contents, to crude realism, most times absurd, or to the marginal and marginalized. These are to be served abundantly and always combined with irony and sarcasm. The constant mocking takes the life out of objects and spaces which contain so much – time, history, growth and downfall, politics or mere fascination – and at a personal level, induces apathy and a lack of sensitivity.

When we are young we learn by impersonating and playing roles. In those early years objects are ‘the characters’ which help us arrive to new perspectives, to probe our own judgments and to define our emotions. We love them, we argue with them, we are fascinated by them and afterwards, suddenly, the roles are reversed. They develop their own language and they speak to us. We acknowledge this and they become the signs through which we envelop ourselves in meaning.

Though they are the perfect reflections of our lives we cannot accept any other relation to them other than domination. We build hierarchies depending on their use and productivity, we possess, we exploit, we update them.

Nevertheless, what would they say if we lifted the constraint that they should only talk for our own use? Would they show us where we are? What we are doing wrong? Would they show us any direction?


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