The Giants of Pantelimon are Taking Your Story up into the Sky
The Giants of Pantelimon are Taking Your Story up into...

The Giants of Pantelimon are Taking Your Story up into the Sky

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Three years after the opening of the Art Tower of Pantelimon, Make a Point is on top of things again, developing a new art project at the highest level. For Giants of Pentelimon the locals of the neighbourhood will be able to tell their stories, as an inspiration for artists, who will paint the roofs of Pantelimon, Bucharest. The public will be able to see the community art ensemble created by them from the tower. Pantelimon’s neighborhood life, unwritten in any history book, will be there, between sky and earth, for you to discover. Whenever you feel like going for a walk through the past and present of Bucharest.

The first electric tram, the demolitions in the 80’s, the fashion of thermal insulation with polystyrene covered in awkwardly uniform colours of today, the life of the working class that built socialism and eventually moved back to the countryside, and the life of the young people who have no idea how things were before. All of them are the stories of Pantelimon which will be elevated on the roofs of the grey blocks and former warehouses that are still standing in the East of the Romanian capital. It will be something like a live Facebook feed with real postings in a concrete space that you can view and “scroll up” straight from the Art Tower of Pantelimon at Make a Point.

What will happen?

The cultural project Giants of Pantelimon has started, co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. Our anthropologist is already walking around the neighborhood to hunt for its stories.

If you live or have lived in Pantelimon neighbourhood, we are waiting for your story! You can send it to or via our Facebook Page until the 15th of July 2017.

After the stories will be collected, Romanian and International artists will be invited to get inspired by the tales of the neighbourhood. The first drafts will be viewed by us in August and the winning projects will be painted on the roofs surrounding the Art Tower of Pantelimon.

The paintings on the roofs will be revealed to the public from th 13th to the 15th of October 2017 at Giants of Pantelimon Street Art Days. At this cultural event we will bring together urban art, talks, workshops, thematic projections of documentaries and life art sessions.

Photo: Paul Arne Wagner


The spaces where the artists will paint inspired by the stories are a former cotton factory, the former centre for wool, and Postavaria Romana, a former textile factory. The fact that these spaces still exists, unlike many other factories in Bucharest which were replaced by apartment buildings or malls, made them become the obvious canvas for putting a spotlight on the neighborhood, and of course for taking arts beyond downtown limits.

Come join us for the Giants of Pantelimon Street Art Days, 13th to 15th of October 2017 at Make a Point and discover the urban art by Romanian and international artists on the roofs of Pantelimon, or register for our free workshops and take part in the public art events! Find out more on our Facebook page.

#uriasidepantelimon    #giantsofpantelimon


About Make a Point

Make a Point looks back on 10 years of experience in reconverting and reinventing industrial spaces, cultural intervention, as well as starting art projects in a place where the access to culture is limited by the lack of public infrastructure. At the begginings of Make a Point association stand the rehabilitation and transformation of a former industrial space into a cultural center. A former section of a textile factory became a modern exhibition space as well as projection space, and community library. In one of our last big projects, we transformed the old water tower of the factory into an unique art installation, at the same time keeping its utility and functionality.


About Giants of Pantelimon

Giants of Pantelimon is a community art project by Madalina Rosca and Paul Arne Wagner, starting in 2016 with a pilot featuring the first painting on a factory roof in Bucharest. In the spring of 2017, the project continued with Andreea Dragan’s neighborhood story hunt followed by the international call for artists. Giants of Pantelimon Street Art Days will be the climax of the first (2017) edition of the project.


Giants of Pantelimon is a Make a Point project

The project is financed within the cultural program “Bucharest, participative city” by the Bucharest City Hall, through the Cultural Center of Bucharest ARCUB and co-financed by the Administration of the National Fund for Culture (AFCN).

Partners: Red BullHavana ClubAqua Carpatica, Italian Institute of CultureFrench InstituteFrufru, Pegas BicyclesHotel Est

Mobility partner: Uber

Media partners: Radio
(list in course of being updated)

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