(dis)obeying concrete forces
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Robert Casmirovici – (dis)obeying concrete forces

curator: Andrada Rosu

May 20 – June 15

Opening: Friday, May 20, 7 pm
Make a Point, Sos Morarilor 1


Documenting and mapping the urban areas of Bucharest and its abandoned places were for Robert Casmirovici only the starting point for what would become an uninterrupted exploration of space through photography.

‘I wanted to take some distance from the usual documentary photography that became more and more common. That’s how I came to abstraction. These buildings have so much potential, you just have to watch them from the right angle. Moreover, I’m sick of the the expression Bucharest – a city of contrasts. Why not Bucharest – a perfect city?’

Absorbed in idealism, the creator assumes the total freedom to reshape reality and the vision he proposes is a hyper-aestheticized version of a seemingly sterile city, cleared of contrasts, of debris, of absurdity.

Although the used format is seemingly rigid and limiting, the abstract dissolves the fixity of materiality and the textures of iron, concrete and glass become fluid. Thus, the typical stillness of the photographic image is missing and the newly formed structures seem to demonstrate a will of thir own, which transpires in every frame.

The piercing need to dominate and to put order into the urban chaos lures toward a purification of forms, which in an ideal context would lead to the etablishment of the pursued calm and tranquility. However, beyond the formal stablility imposed rigurously by the artist, the underlayers of the images betray critical, unresolved tensions.

Visiting hours: Thursday – Saturday: 3 pm – 8 pm


The Make a Point association tries to decongest the center and facilitate cultural happenings at the city’s outskirts, in neighborhoods, abandoned halls, factories or other such locations.

Make a Point organizes exhibitions, shows, movie projections, workshops and remains a space dedicated to exhibiting works and messages by contemporary artists.



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