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The Giants of Pantelimon are Taking Your Story up into the Sky
The Giants of Pantelimon are Taking Your Story up into the Sky #uriasidepantelimon    #giantsofpantelimon Three years after the opening of the Art Tower of Pantelimon, Make a Point is on top of things again, developing a new art project at the highest level. For Giants of Pentelimon the locals of the neighbourhood will be able to tell their stories, as an inspiration for artists, who will paint the roofs of Pantelimon, Bucharest. The public will be able to see the community art ensemble created by them from the tower. Pantelimon's neighborhood life, unwritten in any history book, will be there, [...]
Giants of Pantelimon
Giants of Pantelimon Permanent Street Art Exhibition - an art and life project striving for new heights - Three years after the Pantelimon water tower was converted into an art tower, Make a Point will put forward for the first time in Romania an international art and life project which will take the neighbourhood at new heights. The idea is simple: the people of Pantelimon borough will tell their stories while artists will interact with the people and incorporate their stories into “street art on the roofs”. The public, looking from the tower, will be able to once again interact [...]
Giants of Pantelimon. Chapter I
Giants of Pantelimon. Chapter I The first roof painted by Boemona as part of the Giants of Pantelimon community art project can now be seen from Art Tower of Pantelimon. For two months we walked around the neighborhood talking to the inhabitants, to discover  which are the stories, places and buildings that are important to them. We also asked them to describe their personal relationship with Pantelimon and what the things are that differentiate this place from the others in Bucharest. In this way we came to talk about the first electric tram in Bucharest, the demolition of the houses [...]
Giants of Pantelimon 2017
Giants of Pantelimon in 2017: a project of art and life at height Three years after the opening of the Pantelimon Water and Art Tower, Make a Point is developing a new art project at its height. The neighborhood's inhabitants tell their stories, the artists climb the rooftops, the public admire them from the tower. The life of the neighborhood, which is not written in any history book, remains there, between heaven and earth, to anyone who finds it, whenever it takes a stroll through the past and contemporary history of Bucharest. The first electric tram in Bucharest, the demolitions [...]
Story hunt in Pantelimon
Story hunt in Pantelimon Make a Point comes up with a new project that aims to enliven Bucharest’s periphery. This time we plan to unearth the stories and histories of the neighborhood that has been our host for nearly 7 years – Pantelimon. Characters, stories, urban myths, secrets. Join us in this adventure! We combine story hunting with exploration tours of the Pantelimon neighborhood. We are collecting stories about buildings and personal histories of people who lived or still live in them. One of the most interesting stories will permeate through the neighborhood’s rooftops: it will be transformed into a [...]
Short Shorts Asia Japan / Kinofest
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Noaptea Albă a Filmului Românesc
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Devino #EXPLORATOR în orașul tău Bucureștiul, pentru a fi iubit trebuie redescoperit. De aceea, Make a Point invită bucureștenii să exploreze unul din cartierele dens populate ale sale, pentru a afla ce se ascunde în spatele blocurilor care nu mai sunt gri, ci pestrițe, dar încă cu o reputație nu neaparat bună. La fiecare tur vom avea un concurs foto - Pantelimon 2021. Cei doi câstigători vor fi cei cu cele mai multe like-uri pe pagina noastră de Facebook. Fotografiile lor vor deveni cover photos, iar ei vor câștiga fiecare câte două cărți editate de ArCub: "Povestea Hanului" și "Epopee participativă: 840 versuri / 40 poeți". [...]
NAG 2016 – Art Factory @ Make a Point
[column-group-page][column] NAG 2016 - Art Factory @ Make a Point Art Factory is an itinerant gallery project and a contemporary art festival that aims to bring in the social consciousness the fate of heritage buildings and brownfield sites that are abandoned to decay, by  proposing temporary cultural conversion curatorial projects. The exhibition at the Romanian Cloth Factory that will take place from September 23rd to October 2nd is meant to disseminate Exposhortfest – Art Factory 2016, a project co-funded by AFCN. At the White Night of the Art Galleries we will present a selection of the Art Factory festival exhibiting [...]
Make a Point intră în vacanță
[column-group-page][column] See you again in September Starting this week, Make a Point takes a short holiday, but only to have more time to prepare a new series of events. Sezonul acesta v-am provocat la 20 de seri săptămânale de film, uneori cu teme politice sau sociale, alteori poetice, experimentale sau secrete. Am descoperit împreună autori tineri, aflați la început de drum, am declanșat discuții despre rolul revoluțiilor și responsabilizarea societății civile, despre etică și mass-media, despre comunități, grupuri de inițiativă și impactul lor, atât pe plan local, cît și internațional. Pentru că aceste subiecte reprezintă un interes real pentru echipa [...]