ISLAMIC CERAMICS LAYLA AND MAJNUN Opening: 9th of November, 18:00 - 22:00 FILM// OPERA// LITRATURE// MUSIC Author: LAURENȚIU BRĂTAN Venue: Make a Point Cultural Center 9-15 November 2018 Layla and Majnun is a classical love story from pre-islamic Arabia. So strong, that it became universal. All the the Arab-islamic cultures adore it, all Turkic peoples adore the two heroes, and the greatest poets of Persia imagined glorious poems about it. From Magreb in Hindustan and from Central Asia to the Arabic Peninsula - Leyla and Majnun is the story which enchants and saddens with its beauty and melancholy. Literature, music, [...]
(Română) GirlSpeak/Vorbe ca-ntre fete – de Adina Andrus
GirlSpeak - by Artist Adina Andrus “GirlSpeak” is a series of pieces which explore communication between and towards women and young girls. The vernissage will be held on July 19, at Make a Point, and the exhibition will be open to the public until August 10. The ink drawings are lifesize images of women based on prehistoric artifacts, superimposed with emojis and blurbs taken from magazine articles targeted towards adolescent girls. The combination of these elements is meant to underline the trivialization of the representation of women in the media, as well as point to an evolution in the language used [...]
(Română) Un haos nedeslușit de detalii – Expoziție Vlad Dinu
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Calligraphy Workshop with Carmen Nistor
Calligraphy Workshop with Carmen Nistor The Calligraphy workshop is designed for and dedicated to adults from 18 years old to 100+, aiming to learn new techniques and writing styles combined with creative exercises. Throughout these exciting hands-on activities, students will go through a great creative learning curve, starting from as basic as building calligraphy tools from scratch (using basic elements), simple textures and patterns all the way to creating their own texts, illuminated manuscripts, birthday cards, bookmarks and other finished products using letters and illustration. Ability to write in Foundational and Uncial Text and experimenting with illuminating and embellishing styles [...]
Open Letter: Romanian Democracy at Grave Danger
Romanian Democracy at Grave Danger Open letter of more than 70 groups and organisations of the Romanian civil society to all Members of European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council For eleven months now, hundreds of thousands of Romanians have been fighting to defend democracy. But in the face of ever more concentrated attacks on common European values and legal foundations, our means no longer suffice to fend off a parliamentary majority intent on undermining the rule of law. We need your help! Romania is being dragged down a path similar to the one on which Hungary and [...]
City and Propaganda
City and Propaganda, Sahia Vintage Film Projection in Pantelimon Neighborhood THE BUCHAREST OF THE SAHIA DOCUMENTARISTS How did Bucharest look in the documentary films between 1950 and 1980? And how do these films look through the eyes of Bucharesteans today? We invite the Pantelimon residents of all ages to a film tour in the history of the Capital and its inhabitants, through a projection of documentary films produced by the "Alexandru Sahia" studio during the communist era. The projection will be followed by a discussion with experts and special guests. The films we bring forward will help us better organize [...]
Giants of Pantelimon in Numbers
Giants of Pantelimon in Numbers Giants of Pantelimon: 5000 visitors in the weekend, 5km of colorful strings, 100 kg of paint, 6000 square meters of painted roofs, one neighborhood The first street art exhibition on rooftops in the world, Giants of Pantelimon, opened on 13th October in Bucharest. Giants of Pantelimon Street Art Days which ended on Sunday evening were a blast and a premiere of this kind in the eastern neighborhood of Bucharest. 5000 visitors of all ages came to Make a Point. They climbed the Art Water Tower and threw colorful balls in the installation created by the [...]
Program: Giants of Pantelimon, October 13th to 15th 2017
Program: Giants of Pantelimon, October 13th to 15th 2017 The first street art exhibition on rooftops in the world opens on the 13th of October in Pantelimon, Romania. Three days of gigantic art on the roofs, live art, talks, movie screenings, workshops, performances, lives music and much more. From all over the world we invited to Pantelimon for this community art project: Ella & Pitr (France), the creators of gigantic roof paintings, Moose (UK), the artist who invented reverse graffiti, Martha Cooper (USA), who will convince the skeptics through her photography how big the impact of street art really is, [...]
The Giants of Pantelimon have chosen their Artists
The Giants of Pantelimon have chosen their Artists Who are the five artists that will draw the neighborhood’s stories for Giants of Pantelimon Street Art Days, three days of community art, street art, graffiti, music, dance, movies, workshops, live painting sessions and many more? What happens between 13th and 15th of October at Make a Point and which big names of the international street art are coming to Bucharest for this event? Following the Call for Artists in July, 41 Romanian and international artists joined Giants of Pantelimon, a project by Make a Point, for bringing the stories of the [...]
IMPRO Comes to Us in the Neighbourhood
IMPRO Comes to Us in the Neighbourhood !MPRO brings to Pantelimon a show created by actors on the spot, starting from the public's suggestions and input. Awaiting Street Art Days in Pantelimon (13-15 of October), inspired by the stories of the inhabitants, the !MPRO actors will let themselves be activated by your own neighborrhod stories, by the places dear to you and your memories. Are you with us? SUNDAY 17th of September at 19:00 sharp the !MPROactors will perform at Make a Point. The 5h edition of the National Festival of Imporvisation has as a topic The Story. !MPROis organised [...]